Whats going on in Glen Carbon, Illinois?!

In 2009, CNNMoney.com ranked Glen Carbon as No. 91 on its “Best Places to Live” list.


Still no water in Glen Carbon, Illinois

Glen Carbon is a village in Madison County, Illinois, United States, 19 miles (31 km) northeast of St. Louis. The population was 12,934 at the 2010 census

In some places the water has been reported to have been off for atleast 24 hours now..

“Hundreds of Glen Carbon residents took advantage of the free water being offered Wednesday night at the Village Hall. City officials say they’ve never had to deal with a water main break that affects the whole town. Like liquid gold, tens of thousands of bottles of water were offered and anker trucks full of non-drinking water were emptied.Chief Well says late Tuesday night a water main broke and almost 24 hours later crews still haven’t been able to locate the break. They have been able to get some residents back up and running by testing certain water lines.

“This is an event that I can’t ever remember happening,” says Fire Chief Ralph Well. “We’ve had breaks before, but the break have been found pretty quickly.”

“In strategic places they are able to open valves, shut valves and once they know that the water is holding, go ahead and the valve remains open,” says Well.

Around 50 percent of Glen Carbon residents have access to water, but a boil order is in effect until further notice.


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