Blessed Israel

<a href="; title="I I ❤ Israel

Mendelson said he had been unable to reach Facebook managers, but  estimated that his campaign would have to score 10 times as many “likes” as the  other side for Facebook to act on the removal petition.

Deborah Lauter,  civil rights director for the Anti-Defamation League, urged people to complain  to Facebook, not just about the “F**k Israel” page itself, but also to flag and  call Facebook’s attention to individual offensive comments and posts on the  page.

The “F**k Israel” page, which has 36,000 “likes” as of Monday,  features such sentiments as “God bless Adolf Hitler for what he did,” “Jews are  children of apes and pigs … they are baby killers,” and “I hate Israel,”  surmounted by a hand-draw flag with a Star of David. On the page, however,  Israel defenders outnumber the haters and mostly reply in kind.


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