Well said.

Hebrew for Christians


What shall we do? In many ways we offend others. Why are we so surprised? We are damaged, wounded, and much within us awaits healing. We must turn to God again and again, up to 70 x 70 times, if necessary, and keep seeking, despite ourselves. But often we are our own worst enemy. After all, most of us are imprisoned to our own traditions; we tend to oversimplify complex issues because we are uncomfortable with uncertainty; we are inclined to use emotion instead of clear thinking and reason; we often practice selective listening – especially if we feel challenged in our assumptions or don’t like what we are hearing. Most of us know a lot less than we think we do, and it is all too common to suffer from an inflated sense of self-importance or to hide behind a veil of conceit. Some of us are not honest with ourselves, either, and therefore we do not always mean what we say. And yet despite all this we have to endure ourselves, we must tolerate our own radical imperfections, and forgive ourselves, for as long as we pretend that we are not subject to the faults common to others, we are liable to be unwittingly controlled by them….

via Hebrew for Christians.


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